Five Reasons Multitasking Damages Your Health

Five Reasons Multitasking Damages Your Health I was attending a women’s empowerment event, listening to the wonderful John Assaraf. A woman asked about an all to common situation - what do you do when you hit the wall of overwhelm? He smiled lightly, and nodded his...

My Journey To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu “Welcome to the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. Prepare yourself as you are about to embark on a virtual tour. You don’t need hiking gear or a guide to explore the spectacular views and scenery..” Ok, that might be true, but you certainly need a lot of...

Lessons From Mama Duck & Her Ducklings

A Lesson from Mama Duck and her 10 chicks One morning, I opened the door to my condo. I saw a Mama Duck, marching down the pathway, ten chicks right behind her in a single file line. Fascinated, I followed them to get a photo. Mama sensed my presence and picked up her...

A Morning Booster

I always start my morning with a cup of hot water (you can use your favorite herbal tea). I add lemon and a bit of sweetener. It's also great to add ginger if you have a cold. I love real, organic, raw honey. Use only if you do not have any blood sugar issues.


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