What if there was a step by step process, one that you were in control of and could customize to your own needs, that could give you your health back?

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It might be strange to read about a health coach who spent most of her life feeling sick. But I’ve learned that my story is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, it is a very similar story for thousands of other women.  Here, I’ll share it with you.

For decades, I suffered the pain, sadness and frustration of “invisible” health issues.  I had chronic fatigue, sinus problems, blood sugar issues, digestive distress, weight issues, depression and horrible periods. I felt awful, with little energy or motivation to create the life I wanted. The longer it went on, the more overwhelming it became.

I went from doctor to doctor, with little success. I was told my test results were normal.  I was told that some of my “issues” were probably in my head.  I continued searching and tried just about everything… supplements, diets, personal trainers and every infomercial that promised the answer.  Nothing provided permanent relief.

In my 30’s, it finally reached what felt like a breaking point. Nothing was working. Nothing created real change or made a long-term difference. I thought it was my fault. I felt bad about myself (with thoughts like, “maybe I just don’t have enough willpower” and other untruths that often surface when we’re suffering).  My personal and professional relationships suffered. I felt like a failure.

But wait… here’s where the sunbeams come in!

By God, fate, miracle, or whatever one chooses to call it,  the answer came- I was introduced to a practitioner who had a very different approach from any doctor I had seen. I had to really had to trust this was an answer for me. I had been lead down so many other paths that failed, but somehow, I was being pulled in this direction.

She asked me, “What if there was a step by step process, one that you were in control of and could customize to your own needs, that could give you your health back?”

This moment turned out to be where my sick journey transformed into my health journey, and which subsequently changed my life.

I made a shift. Through the experience of working personally with a rare gem of a coach, I learned how to understand my symptoms and finally get to the root of my health issues. The results not only helped me regain my health, but my LIFE.  My sense of ME.

My symptoms started to disappear, and after not too long, I felt better than I did in my 20’s. By implementing strategies that were designed for me, I got my health back. For the first time in years, I was truly happy. This level of health and happiness was unimaginable to me before!

I also found my calling.  I decided to further my education in holistic health so that I could reach out to other women who are suffering like I was.  I studied everything I could, took specialized courses and received multiple certifications so that I bring powerful and personalized tools to others; health coaching that helps women release the frustrating cycle of trying to fix symptoms and instead, get to the root of the issues that can transform health.

Here’s what I know:
After years of struggling, we often get used to not feeling well and “normalize” the symptoms that plague us. But struggling with our health and energy does NOT have to be our “normal”.  We can have better, more energized, happier lives. We don’t have to settle for feeling crappy.

There ARE answers.  True wellness comes from working on internal and external factors, and we can address both in ways that are meaningful, doable, and personal.  It’s not in our heads, but mindset plays a part.  It’s not just about nutrition, but that plays a part, too. Bringing together an integrative approach allows us to reach levels of health we never thought possible.  There IS a BETTER WAY TO LIVE. .

My Background:

: Institute of Integrative Nutrition  Health Coach

: FPL Certified Thyroid Coach- Mastering Thyroid Imbalance Certification

: FDN Practitioner

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