A Lesson from Mama Duck and her 10 chicks

One morning, I opened the door to my condo. I saw a Mama Duck, marching down the pathway, ten chicks right behind her in a single file line. Fascinated, I followed them to get a photo. Mama sensed my presence and picked up her pace while the chicks followed. Determined to get my photo, I continued to follow them. When I caught up with them, I found the chicks cornered against a wall, lost, crying for their mother, who is nowhere to be seen. After five minutes of begging for them to find her, I realized, if I backed off, Mama would come out and she would find them… She did. She came around the wall and scooped them up. Then, they formed a single file line again, and marched on!

I am always fascinated by how animals operate in nature. Their survival skills come from this wonderful innate intelligence. Nobody shows them how to build a nest, or care for their young, or protect them from invaders. The know exactly what to do!

The amazing thing? So does the human body. It knows exactly how use food and make energy. It knows how to create babies. It protects us from foreign invaders. It knows how to make us feel better when we are sick. It is smart enough do exactly what it needs to do, including healing itself. The only requirements are that we honor and respect the body and remove the things that get in the way of nature. This begins by the choices we make- from the foods we eat, how we care for ourselves physically, to how we manage our mental and emotional well-being.

Here are some simple steps I’ve learned to honor the body.
mama duck cars

If you only had one car your whole life, you would care for it well. Your body works the same way.

1: See your body in a new way.

I saw a commercial, where they asked the viewers to imagine at 18, you were given a car. And you were told this would be the ONLY car you would ever be given. How would you take care of your car? Well, guess what? Our body is for us to keep, forever. It is unique to you, and it will be the only one given to you. Be willing to eat healthy, exercise and try new things. By seeing your body as beautiful, and appreciate all that it does for you, you will treat it with the care it deserves.


Keep a gratitude journal to stay positive and motivated.

2: Gratitude:

It is often easier for us to point out the things we don’t like. Honor yourself by journaling the things you are grateful for. Begin with the simple daily things. You exercised today? Journal it. Received good news? Journal it. Then begin by journaling what you are grateful for about your body.

Example: I am grateful you receive the food I give you, and you turn it into energy to feed me!

Gratitude journaling can reduce stress levels. It can calm you and make you more self-aware.

Mama Duck Toxic

Cut out toxic habits and relationships from your life.

3: Remove the things that no longer serve you or get in the way.

I can’t say this enough. The body is so amazing. It will do what it needs to do, as long as we honor it, and remove the things that get in the way. This is a big one! There are a huge variety of factors that get in the body’s way. This ranges from toxins we use in our homes, stress from work, and stressful or toxic relationships. If you are overwhelmed on where to begin, I recommend you work with someone who can guide you through the process.

When you practice the principles of following nature and honoring your body, your body will have what it needs to heal.

By the way, a short time later I found Mama Duck. She and her babies were relaxing by the community pool, while five of their adult relatives took a swim.

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